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    Firstly, a big thanks to Google translate because without them we wouldn't be able to operate the way we do: its as simple as that.

    So, yes, we do use translation software and what it means is this:

    Sometimes the wording you see is just right, just perfect; but sometimes it can make you - and us - smile a little,

    or even frown a bit it it is a bit - or very - impolite.

    Anyway, how and why do we use Google translate?

    (You can skip the following three paragraphs if you don’t want to get bogged down with nerdy-type details.)


    Well, we could search directly using your keyed-in English search terms, but the results would be minimal - or strange: ‘jeans’ on a Chinese

    website are best searched for using the Chinese word “ 牛仔裤” (niuzaiku). But if you do search for “jeans”, you will also probably get hits for books

    by Jean Rys, music by Jean Michel Jarre, posters of hunky Jean Reno, or lyrics to songs by the late great David Bowie.


    So instead we translate using Google (because we don't have the office space for a large team of English-Chinese translators - or Russian-Chinese,

    Korean-Chinese, Japanese-Chinese, French-Chinese, or Italian-Chinese!) and deliver to you the most relevant products.


    However, the next thing we need to do is to translate in more detail the information of each and every product we have found for you. Yes, each one!

    So again we call on Google and they translate the product blurb from Chinese to English. And that’s the fun English text you can see. We hope you
    like it - its our speciality.

    But, please forgive the translations that are not polite, seem irrelevant - or are just plain weird. And please be patient: Perhaps try less specific search
    terms and use more general search terms instead - and then scroll through the pages a little more to find what it is you are looking for.

    Also be aware that for intellectual property right reasons, we are very careful with brand names (we are very eager to have only genuine products on
    our website) and so perhaps use product words rather than labels and brand names when you are searching.

    And finally we want to say that the quality of the translation does not in anyway reflect the quality of the product you are interested in or the

    quality of our service. We are sourcing the best products we can find and all the suppliers have been rated by other shoppers. And we hope

    of course that our service, our client communication, our inspection and repackaging services and our delivery to you are second to none. : )
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