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    Step 1: Choose Products

    Search for and evaluate your favorite products from the Search box at the top of any Zmall page ( Supports keyword search in English,Malay and Chinese ).Click ‘Add to Cart’ after check, your order will be added into your shopping cart automatically, and then you can continue to shop or enter the shopping cart to check the item.

    Step 2: Make Payment

    Enter ‘My Shopping Cart’, choose the product you want to pay, and then you can see the total payment. After successful payment, Zmall will start to purchase for you. Next, your orders will be added into ‘My order’ list.

    Step 3: Zmall Buy & Inspect For You

    You can check status of orders at any time. When the status of the order has turned to ‘Arrived Zmall’, then you can click ‘Submit to ship out’. 

    The procedure of Zmall purchasing: Zmall buyers receive orders --> Buyers purchase items from sellers --> Goods are delivered to China warehouse of Zmall--> Buyers receive and inspect items.(Normally 1-3 days)

    Step 4: Submit Shipment

    Enter ‘My Order’, click ‘Prepare Shipment’, and then choose the order you want to delivery and click ‘Submit to ship out’.If you are the new user of Zmall, please fill up the detailed receive information.

    Step 5: Receive

    Receive packages at your doorstep (Normally 5-7 days). A perfect shopping experience with Zmall !

    Save more for your Taobao experience

    No transaction charge! No customs charges! Only a 10% agent fee.

    Worry Free & Hassle Free for your Taobao experience

    * Real time update of order's status

    * Verify stock availability & place order

    * Inspection upon orders arrive in Zmall warehouse (including quantity, size, color, design and obvious visual defects)

    * Help to get free exchange or full refund from the seller if there's problem caught during inspection

    * Refund will be given to you if item's quantity, size, color or design does not match with what you ordered when you receive them

    * Compensation for lost & damaged items is guaranteed

    * Full compensation if parcel subject to any tariff while you select our Tariff Insurance
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